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Christian Morality- 2nd Commandment

Aan abuse of a person, place or thing dedicated to God and the worship of him,
Speaking disrespectfully about something that is sacred or treating it with respect.
The practice of seeking powers or knowledge through supernatural means apart from God
Attributing to someone or something else a power that belongs to God alone
In this Sermon, Jesus reinforces the importance of keeping the Commandments.
An action that shows deep reverence for something sacred.
The conscious & deliberate rejection of a dogma of the Church
The people described in this sacred text placed great emphasis on names.
Speaking, acting, thinking about God in a way that is irreverent, mocking or offensive
The belief in a supernatural power that comes from a source other than God
The worship of other beings, creatures, or material goods in a way fitting to God alone
The quality of being holy, worthy of respect & reverence,
Buying or selling of something spiritual such as grace or a relic
This practice of making sacred oaths in the name of God is relevant today. Another name for these sacred oaths.
A group of gods & goddesses worshipped by a particular people or region
The belief in and worship of only one God
The denial of the existence of God
The sin of lying while under oath to tell the truth
You shall not take the name of the
The ending of the second commandment- misuse- in appropriate