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Chloe Science #2

In an experiment, the thing that is measured
Known to organize all of the elements
Definite shape, definite volume
Definite volume, variable shape
Force of attraction that hold together positive and negative ions
In an experiment, the one thing you change
Variable volume, variable shape
Element from which all other elements are made
Has a - 1 charge
Has a +1 charge
Non reactive gasses (stable) are called
The law of conservation of mass says that matter can neither be...
In an experiment, all of the things that are kept the same
Elements that can conduct electricity
State of matter rare on earth but common in the universe
The group under normal conditions
Part of an atom with no mass and found outside the nucleus
An outer shell electron associated with an atom
Non metals are on this side of the periodic table
Part of an atom with zero charge and found in the nucleus