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American Revolution & NBA Teams

Rise of Christianity, and Cats
Not found
Leader of the Green Mountain Boys
Los Angeles team/ ship
Chicago Team/ male bovine
French general who helped lead American troops
Cleveland team
Fighter who uses hit-and-run tactics
What can happen when you ride in the back seat
One if by land and two if by
To have the same opinion
Miami team/ warmth
Golden State or FCS
San Antonio team/ goes on a boot
Something that is not to be put up with/ endured
To approve
An introduction to an official document
A soldier who fights for pay
Mounted military
Utah team/ music
Sound judgment not based on expertise
Top of the earth
A person who betrays his or her country
Los Angeles team/ a place to swim
Tea party took place in this city
Dogs, cats, birds, fish
One of first two battles of the Revolutionary War
Boston Team/ Irishman
Wrote Common Sense
Phoenix team/ very hot
Lead American forces in the South
Milwaukee team/ deers
Another word for lantern
Helps move a boat
Nation that works with another nation for a common cause
This is what the British did at the battle of Saratoga
Number of Hessians left at9AM on December 26th, 1777
John "____" Jones
Main author of the Declaration of Independence
Using navy to keep supplies from coming into/out of a port
Atlanta team/ bird
Philadelphia team/
An army of citizens
Colonists who opposed war against Britain
This battle was the turning point in the American Revolution
New Hampshire schoolmaster who fought at Saratoga
Midnight rider who warned "the British are coming"
The Battle of Bunker Hill actually took place on this hill
Ship captured by John Paul Jones
Volunteer citizen soldiers
Cannot be separated or taken away
You need a pass to go here
Rights belonging to all persons from birth
"I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country"
Colonists who favored war against Britain
Detroit team/ part of an engine
Final battle of the American Revolution
A formal written request to someone in authority
A long step
Washington defeated Hessians in this battle of December 26
Minutes, seconds, hours
New York team/ Dutchman
These were used to sign the Declaration of Independence