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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Learning Number  0-20
When the actor gives his personal thought alone on the stage it is called a --?
Stratford on the Avon was where Shakespeare was ---
What monarch ruled England 45 years?
Martin Luther tacked 95--- to the church door
The use of hints, clues and suggestions about something that is going to happen
An --- is a brief undertone comment or statement not to be heard by other actors
What English period was named after the queen?
What theater goers were in the front?
Under Queen Elizabeth I there was political ---
The literary period following the Middle, during Shakespeare's time was called:
The dramas of the age used -- themes.
The plays were comedy, tragedy and ----?
What religious event occurred at the onset of the Renaissance?
What king had the Bible translated into English?
The theater Shakespeare used was called the:
To have an unexpected contrasting outcome
Blank verse has a fixed ----?