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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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How Well Do You Know Indiana?

Indiana's first governor: Jonathan ______________ (last name).
The Battle of ________________ ended the Native American uprising and allowed the Americans to take full control of Indiana.
The first capital of Indiana: __________.
Surrounding state south of Indiana is _____________.
A coming of age comedy-drama that follows a group of 4 teenagers (Dave, Cyril, Moocher, and Mike) in Bloomington. The movie centers around the town's annual bike race. (two words; no spaces)
During World War II, the ____________ produced in northern Indiana was used for making tanks, battleships, and submarines.
The Indiana state flower.
The torch in the middle of the Indiana state flag represents liberty and _________________.
In the early 19th century, most transportation of goods in Indiana was done by ________.
Surrounding state north/northeast of Indiana is _____________.
Indiana's state river is the _____________.
The mayor of Bloomington, Indiana's last name.
Indiana generally refers to the "land of the _____________."
The ______________ of America. (Indiana's state motto)
Most of Indiana University's campus buildings are made out of ______________.
________________, Indiana is known as the "Limestone Capital of the World." (city in Indiana)
Indiana's __________ Age of Literature began in the late 19th century, increasing Indiana's cultural influence.
Indiana basketball team: The ____________.
Indiana's state tree: the ___________ tree.
The bicycle race is held at Bill ___________ Stadium on the campus of Indiana University.
Indiana University's _____________ School of Music.
The capital of Indiana.
Indiana's earliest known inhabitants were ______________ Indians.
The current coach of the Indiana Hoosiers mens basketball team. (First and last name; no spaces)
Indiana's capital and largest city is known as _______ city.
Indiana University's rival university: ______________ University.
John _______________ sings "Small Town" (John's last name)
During the Indiana ______ Boom of the late 19th century, industry began to develop rapidly in the state.
How many stars are there on the Indiana state flag? (spell the number)
The ________ 500- an annual bicycle race.
Surrounding state west of Indiana is _____________.
Indiana borders on Lake _________.
Indiana became a state when president (first and last name; one word) _____________________ signed the congressional resolution admitting Indiana to the union.
The _____________ Road reached Indianapolis in 1829, connecting Indiana to the Eastern United States.
Surrounding state east of Indiana is _____________.
The Jefferson Academy was founded in 1801 as a public university for the Indiana Territory and was reincorporated as ______________ University in 1806, the first in the state.
Indiana's state seal depicts a scene from the _____________ era of the territory and state.
A person from Indiana is called a __________.
Indiana University's ____________ School of Business.
In 1715, the French built Fort __________ which later became Fort Wayne.
Indianapolis football team: The __________.