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Lesson 20 Joseph the dreamer

Joy Community Bible Study
Joseph's 2nd dream was about the sun, moon and __. (Gen 37:29)
What country did the caravan take Joseph to?
Which brother secretly planned to save Joseph?
Jacob tore his clothes and put on __ when he learned Joseph was dead. (Gen 37:34)
Another name for Esau, meaning red. (Gen 25:30)
When Jacob returned home he settled in ___ . (Gen 37:1)
In Joseph's 1st dream his brothers were binding these. (Gen 37:7)
Esau settled in the hill country of ___. (Gen 32:3)
Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery for how many pieces of silver? (Gen 37:28)
Joseph's jealous brothers threw him into this kind of hole. (Gen 37:22)
Jacob favored Joseph and had this made for him.
God cannot be __. (Gal 6:7)