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science vocab crossword

Teacher: Nicholas Calice
Brake down of rock by physical and chemical
Chemicals in air combining with rain and water
A fan shaped deposit on dry land
Mounds of wind deposited sand
Many layers of deposited sediment
A fan shaped area were water ways drop there loads
The brake down of rock by physical change
When lose rock falls down a steep hill
A fast movement of objects down hill
Chemicals in the air
A large mass of moving ice
The brake down of rock by chemical reaction
Extremely slow movement of a object down a slope
Rocks hitting other rocks causing them to brake down
Water under earths surface
Thick deposits of this wind blown sand
All materials carried or deposited by a glacier
Is a shore line were stuff is deposited by waves and currents
Placing or leaving sediment in one spot
A place were a body of water and land meat
Fast move mint of mud
Warring away of rock