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Social Studies Judaism Influential People

Came from Ur/ Canaan. Known as the Father of the Jewish People
Married the King of Persia
Received the 10 commandments at the top of Sinai
According to the Bible, God told him to travel to Canaan
Susa 587 BC
1135 AD
From Cordoba/ Spain
Proved himself a strong warrior when he defeated Goliath
Discussed ways to combine logic with faith
1200 BC
Jewish tradition of ethics views him as the model because of his obedience to God
Modern Day Iran
Holiday or Purim is celebrated in honor of her heroism in saving the lives of the Jewish people
Led his people out of slavery
From Judea/ Israel
Became a famous Dr. in Egypt
1700 BC
1040 BC
From Persia
Former Canaan
From Egypt
Captured the City of Jerusalem and extended borders