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Special Education Language

Language of Special Education
Members seek to provide services in a uniform fashion by conducting joint assessments
Brainstorm to find a satisfyling solution
A problem encountered when interacting with the environment
Comprehend the situation from both points of view
To ensure that all children have a free public education
Parents and childrens rights are protected
An impairment that limits the ability to perform certain tasks
Developed and implemented for every student with disabilities between the ages of 3-21
The way you believe or feel as you do
Learning activities that provide a strategic approach for differentiating and integrating students with disabilities
Team characterized by formal channels of communication between members
An approach to conflict resolution in which both parties try to see each others point of view
The act that extends civil rights to people with disabilities
The loss or reduced function of body part or organ
One teaching/One helping
Educating students with disabilities in general education classrooms
Relative likelihood of a member or given group to be receiving special education
Education at public expense is provided
Keeping minor problems from beciming a disability
Teams composed of professionals from different disciplines who work independently
The setting that is closest to a general education classroom
Schools must educate all children with disabilities
Originated in the United States in 1990
Children who have a greater than usual chance of developing a disability
Acknowledge another persons feelings