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Renaissance Facts

What were the years 1586-1592 referred to as?
What was the name of Queen Elizabeth's mother?
Who did Shakespeare Marry?
What is Shakespeare's nickname?
What was Shakespeare's Acting troupe first called?
Which of Shakespeare's children died of a fever at age 11?
Where was Shakespeare born?
What were standing audience members called when they watched plays in the Globe?
Which prominent figure dies in 1603?
Where is Shakespeare buried?
Where was Ben Johnson born?
What is another name for the English Renaissance?
What is Shakespeare's Mother's name?
What is one of the jobs John Shakespeare did for a living?
What name does Shakespeare's acting troupe change to in 1603?
In his will, Shakespeare left his wife his 2nd best _____.
Who was killed in a bar fight under suspicious circumstances?
What famous theater was Shakespeare part owner of?
What color of flag was used to advertise a history play?
How did the Globe burn down during a performance of Henry VIII?
All of Shakespeare's plays were played only by ______?
Who is Shakespeare's oldest child?