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McAdams' Science

Every thing you have learned is on this puzzle.  Do you have the guts to finish this bad boy????
The outermost physical layer of Earth.
A push or a pull acting on an object
A kind of zone that creates a trench.
A state of being when a chemical equation has the same number of atoms on one side as they do on the other side of the equation.
The smallest unit of matter
The molten rock just under Earth's crust.
All the elements where their atoms have a full valence electron shell.
Identify an element
Lays down rock, sediment and soil.
Came up with the idea of continental drift
Created by divergent plate movement.
A tectonic plate where two plate move past one another in opposite directions
The speed of an object in a particular direction
Subatomic particles with no charge.
Where all the elements on the periodic table have the same number of valence electrons.
The force needed to make an object move
When two or more atoms share electrons in order to have a full valence shell.
The rate at which velocity changes over time.
When two continents move toward each other.
Where all the elements have atoms with the same number of energy (or electron) shells.
Subatomic particles not in the nucleus
An object's change in position
When two or more atoms bond the create a
The tendency of an object to resist change in motion