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Biology A Crossword

DNA in the form of chromosomes
A microscopic single celled organism that includes bacteria
Collection of living matter enclosed by a barrier
The network of nerve cells
Energy currency of life
Group of individuals of some species that live in the same area
A set of organisms that allow a person to breathe and exchange oxygen
A natural coloring matter of animal or plant tissues
A bodily system that protects from foreign substances cells and tissues
Group of ecosystems that have the same climate and dominate
Negativity charged particle located outside the atomic nucleus
The center of the atom which contains the protons and neutrons
Two units of heat energy
Atom that has a positive or negative charge
Basic principles of biology
Basic unit of matter
Group of similar organisms that can breed and produce fertile offspring
The membrane surrounding the cytoplasm
A series of hollow organs joined in a long twisting tube from mouth to anus
A organism that is able to form nutritional organic substances
The tendency toward a relatively stable equilibrium
Scientific study of interactions among organisms between organisms and their enviro nment
Substance consisting entirely of one type of atom
Part of earth in which life exists including land,water and air
Relating to involving or requiring free oxygen