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8th Gr Holocaust Vocab: #11-25

The process of one army driving an occupying army out of an occupied territory.
Making a judgment about someone without sufficient knowledge.
Someone who does something that is morally wrong or criminal.
The invasion, conquest, and control of a nation or territory by foreign armed forces.
Kristallnacht is also known as the Night of ___ Glass.
____ group is one whose worldview is based on intolerance or hatred of a certain group.
The ___ Reich is the official name of the Nazi regime.
The murder of millions, mostly Jews, by Nazis.
One who flees or is deported in search of safety.
Process used to select victims for extermination or forced labor.
The systematic mistreatment of someone because of race or political or religious beliefs.
An oversimplified generalization about a person or group of people.
False information used to sway the opinion of others.
Hitler ____ was Hitler's required group for youth.
Giant organization best known for carrying out the destruction of European Jewry.