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Plant Review

The reproductive unit in asexual reproduction that produces clones of parent plants are called _________.
In the ________ is where chloroplasts are located in order for chlorophyll to absorb sunlight and make food.
The two male parts of the plant combine to form the ____.
The _______ produces pollen grains to help plants reproduce
A plant's ______ anchor plant and absorb water and nutrients from ground.
Two ways animals can help in plant reproduction is by the seeds attaching to the animal's body and through animal ______.
Plants that contain structures to carry and distribute water and nutrients are called ________ plants.
Process in which seeds protective coverings will split open and extend a single primary root into the soil is called
The ______ provides structure and support for plants.
The products of photosynthesis are _______ and glucose
Plants that don't have structures to absorb or transport water or nutrients so nutrients are absorbed directly into the cells are called _________ plants
Plant seeds that are contained in a fruit are called ___________
________ is a tube structure that supports and holds up the stigma
The 4 ways in which plants disperse their seeds are by using wind, water, animals and the seeds ________.
All 4 female parts of the cell together are called the _____.
The protective leaves surrounding buds are called the _______.
The pretty part of plants that attracts bees is the ________.
_______ are located in the ovary and combines with pollen grains to form seeds.
The _______ of a plant are the protective layer surrounding style and stigma Attracts bees
______ are tiny holes in the leaves where carbon dioxide is taken in and oxygen is given off.
The type of reproduction some plants use where one plant clones itself by using spores is called _________ reproduction.
There are ______ ways in which plants reproduce.
The process of pollen and ovules creating seeds in sexual plant reproduction is called __________.
______ is the tube that supports the anther
_________ is produced during photosynthesis for food/nutrients for the plants
Plant seeds that are not contained in a fruit are ____________
The _______ of photosynthesis are sunlight, water and carbon dioxide
The _______ is at the bottom of the style. It contains ovules and is where seeds are formed
The sticky surface on top of the pistil that bees land on is called the _____.
Baby flower or fruit surrounded by sepals is known as a ______.