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Nicholas Farren # 11 - Civil War Crossword Puzzle

President of the Confederate States of America
Name of the iron warship build by John Ericsson
Largest battle in the civil war
The first battle was fought here
State founded as a result of the difference in feelings about slavery
The city that General Robert E. Lee defeated Union troops
Led the slave revolt against plantation owners in 1831
Thomas J Jackson's nickname
Name of the court house in which R.E Lee Surrender
Led the abolitionist on a raid at Harper's Ferry
Played a major role in the battle of Bull Run Creek
One of the three issues on the Civil War
State the capital of the Confederacy was located
Accepted the command of the of the Confederate Army
First name of the president during the Civil War
Name of the groups of people that campaigned against slavery
All staves in Confederate states were ___ after the Emancipation Proclamation statement was made.
Established the under ground railroad and was called a conductor
Last name of the President of the U.S during the civil war
General placed in charged of Camp Curlin