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Chapter 2 - Tools of Environmental Science

The second step of the scientific method is a testable explanation for an observation.
__________ models are three-dimensional models you can touch.
The third step of the scientific method is a procedure designed to test a hypothesis under controlled conditions.
Principles or standards we consider important.
A __________ model is one or more equations that represent the way a system or process works.
The __________ group receives the the experimental treatment.
The probability or likelihood of an unwanted outcome.
The information that a scientist gathers during an experiment, which is often in numeric form.
Reliable associations between two or more events.
A ________ model is a verbal or graphical explanation for how a system works or is organized.
Beautiful or pleasing.
Representations of objects or systems.
Maps and charts are the most common examples of __________ models.
The group of individuals or events selected to represent the population.
A piece of information we gather with our senses. Also the first step in the scientific method.
The chance that an event will occur.
The number obtained by adding up the data for a given characteristic and dividing this sum by the number of individuals; the average.
The factor of interest in an experiment which is changed to determine cause-and-effect.
The relative arrangement of the members of a statistical population.
The __________ group does not receive the experimental treatment.
A logical statement about what will happen if a hypothesis is correct.
The collection and classification of data that are in the form of numbers.