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Africa and the Atlantic World Crossword

Mali trading city that became a center of wealth and learning
The history nerd of the class.
Tallest girl in the class.
African empire in modern day Ghana that greatly benefited from the sale of slaves by trading manufactured goods and firearms in exchange for slaves.
King of Kongo who converted to Christianity
This kingdom emerged in the fourteenth century and is perhaps the best known of the central African states; Its rulers built a centralized state with officials overseeing military, judicial, and financial affairs
The forced removal of millions of Africans who were sent to work on plantations in the Americas.
Is an Afro-American religious tradition, practiced mainly in Brazil by the "povo de santo" (people of the saint). Candomblé officially originated in Salvador, Bahia at the beginning of the 19th century, when the first temple was founded
Queen of Angola who led a resistance movement against the Portuguese.
Portion of Mali after that kingdom collapsed around 1500; this empire controlled Timbuktu.
Country on the coast of West African where millions of African slaves were shipped to the Americas as part of the Atlantic Slave Trade.
The trans-Atlantic journey that slaves made on crowded ships.
Asks the most questions in class.
Songhay ruler who embarked on a campaign to conquer his neighbors and consolidated the Songhay empire.
A mix of African and European languages
An American crop that became popular in Africa
Asks to use the restroom everyday.
European manufactured goods were traded in Africa for slaves, and slaves were traded for sugar from the New World.
Was a syncretic Christian movement formed in the kingdom of Kongo.
He was in a skating accident.
The French colony that later became known as Haiti
The forced removal of Africans from their homeland to serve as slaves in the Americas
Powerful African Islamic empire based at Timbuktu; rich in salt and gold
A very wealthy city from trade by the Niger River