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Chapter 5 American History

What was the name of the man who came up with the compromise which makes up the Legislative Branch of our government?
Who set the precedent for a president to serve only two terms?
People who supported the constitution.
People who did not want the Constitution to become law because they thought it would take away the sovereignty of the states.
What gathering of men wanted America to form a strong, but limited, government?
What is appointed by the president to help him see that the laws of the land are carried out?
Which branch is led by the president?
Who agreed with Hamilton that a national bank would be good for managing the nation's money?
Which branch is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate?
What was formed as a check to make sure a good and wise man was chosen as president through the election of US representatives and senators from each state?
What was the name of the rebellion that confirmed that a more effective American government was needed.
State the name of the first ten constitutional amendments.
Which branch is led by the Supreme Court?