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Exploring Creation Physical Science Ch 11

The four biggest satellites are the __________ satellites
The larger the centripetal force, the _______ an object travels in a given size circle.
All objects with mass are attracted to one another by this force
Force equals mass times _______.
Fuzzy atmosphere around comet
This cloud is a shell of icy bodies orbiting solar system.
All matter is attracted to all ______.
Solar wind blows gases of coma away from nucleus, making a _______
Force that exists between particles with electrical charge and can attract or repel
Another dwarf planet besides Plutp
The belt that sits between Mars and Jupiter
When distance b/w two objects is big, the force is ___________.
Forces in creation are called this:
What a positively charged particle does with a negatively charged one.
Force necessary to make objects move in a circle.
What two positively charged particles do
150 mile wide belt that is part of Oort cloud
Center of atom
Centripetal force is directed ___________ to the velocity of the object.
Force that attracts moon to earth and is weakest
Two objects sitting on a table do not move towards one another due to _________.
The gravitational force b/w two masses is inversely proportional to the ______ of the distance b/w those two objects.
________ motion requires centripetal force
Scientist who developed Universal Law of Gravitation
Officially a dwarf planet or large Kuiper belt object.
How many forces believed to be in creation
Dirty snowballs due to grains, dirt, and ice
This system uses a gravitational force to hold the planets an moons in an orderly arrangement.
The gravitational force b/w two masses is directly ______ to the mass of each object
Most difficult force to comprehend
Name of two combined forces which are different facets of same force
When a solid turns from a solid directly into a gas we call it ____
Time for comet to orbit sun
An object that orbits around a planet
Whenever a force is applied, an equal and _______ force must be applied in reaction.
Strength of gravitational force b/w two objects ______ as mass of either increases.
Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus and __________ have planetary rings.