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One of the worlds most abundant waterfowl, sometimes spends its winter in Pennsylvania.
A large white bird with yellow bill, and black legs.
This bird is 4-5 feet long with a wingspan of about 66 inches; it travels across Pennsylvania in the spring and fall.
This large birds head is mostly white with a feathery black cres.
May be one of the most populous birds in North America.
This large fish-eating bird of prey is listed as a threatened species in Pennsylvania.
This bird nests on the ground and is known for its diminutive ear tufts.
This bird is short and stocky and has a dagger-like bill.
This birds white neck ring and breast stand out against its blue-gray body plumage.
This bird is shy, and the male & female have very differently colored plumage.
Can eat its weight in earthworms in 24 hours.
Can live up to 30 years, and do not begin nesting until age 4 or 5.