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Bible Terms

A male relative who was willing to marry a widow of a family member
A strong desire for another possession or advantage
Supreme authority
To justify a wrong behavior
Favor given that is not earned or deserved.
Fact or reality
God reveals Himself through nature
The night before the Exodus from Egypt
One of the founding fathers of a family
A solemn promise or pledge
The knowledge of right or wrong and the conviction to do what is right
God reveals himself through the Bible
An act of oppression or uprising
To make things right with God for sins.
All powerful
All Knowing
The act of humbly accepting the authority or decision of someone else
Kindness or compassion to others
One who was set apart by God for a special purpose
The act of turning away from sin and toward God
Reading the Bible and thinking about the verses.
Weighted down by harsh autority
A strong desire to have something another person has
The expected King or deliverer of the Hebrews