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Much Ado About Nothing by Shakespeare

The arrangement of events
A form of literature written in prose or poetry or a combination of the two to tell a story by actions and dialogue
The people who perform the action
Where William Shakespeare lived
A character either directly addressing the audience or another character to comment on the action
Leonato’s daughter who married Claudio
Beatrice, Hero, Claudio, Benedick, and Don Pedro are the _____ – the main characters in the play.
The speeches between two or more characters
The _____ of the play is the 16th century in Messina, Sicily - an island in the Mediterranean Sea –– which is near the southern tip of Italy.
Much Ado About Nothing, is a _____, not a tragedy.
Young lord of Padua who married Beatrice
Leonato’s older brother
Governor of Messina and father of Hero
Don _____ is the Prince of Aragon.
Author of Much Ado About Nothing and considered to be the greatest writer of all time
The actual movements and speech of characters
Introduces the characters and conflict and provides the necessary background
Leonato’s niece who married Benedick
Much Ado About Nothing is a _____, not a novel.
Young lord of Florence who married Hero
Don _____ is the antagonist in this play.