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My First Book of Animals

Female _______ carry babies in its mouth to keep them safe
This sea animal has flippers that are flat and large
What animal lives in groups called prides?
A _________can hold it's breath for six minutes
This animal has a pouch for its baby
This animal likes to live alone where each one has its own piece of land; marked by scratched trees
This animal eats termites and talks by using signs
This very big sea mammal has tusks to dig up food on the sea floor
________ live in the desert and can go without food for several days
The ________ is the largest land animal
This animal hides in the in the water and pops out to catch prey at the waters edge
______ like to sleep and rest on one leg
Sometimes this sea mammal sleeps in the water straight up in down
This bird has a long tongue that can suck out sugar and nectar from flowers
This animal goes into the water and catches seals as their prey
This animal baby holds onto its Mother's stomach and when the baby grows up the it sits on her back
An aerie is another name for this animal's nest
______ eat bamboo and are white and black
This Australian "bear" is fussy about its food
A ______sheds its skin