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The American Revolution and BNA

Social Studies 9 - Mrs. Bronson
Where the first shots of the Revolution were fired
A British law that prevented Americans from settling west of the Appalachian Mts.
An American that supported independence from Britain
A statement of principles on democracy and freedom
A tax that Americans paid on some imported goods from Britain
Indian territory where Americans were prevented from settling
Nervous British soldiers opened fire into a crowd of American protestors
Part of Canada that is now Ontario
An American that was faithful to Britain
A power that allowed the appointed members of Canada's government to stop laws passed by the elected members
The nation that helped America defeat the British in the Revolution
British law making New France a British colony
First British Governor of Quebec
An effort by colonial leaders to cut economic ties with Britain
Where colonial leaders met and decided to work together to oppose the British
British law that divided Quebec into two colonies
Quebec Lords who were granted parcel of land that inhabitants farmed
It ended the war between Britain and France for control of North America
Event where colonial leaders disguised as Mohawks decided to protest another British tax.
Part of Canada that is now Quebec