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Chapter 13 Ocean Motions

The way cold water circulates upward from the very bottom of the ocean as this is caused by the winds
The rush of water that rapidly flows to sea through an narrow opening in an sandbar
The whole amount of dissolved salts in a water sample
The distance between the crest of a wave measured horizontally
The movement of water and sediment down a beach that is caused by waves that are coming in at an angle
The huge stream of moving water that flows across the oceans
A vehicle built to go underwater and made out of strong materials that can resist the pressure in the ocean
The tide with the lowest difference between high and low tide that occurs when the Moon and Sun pull at he right angles at each other during the first and third-quarters of the Moon
The average weather conditions of temperature, wind,clouds,and precipitation that happens year-after-year
A wall made out of concrete and rocks that is built along the beach to reduce erosion
The number of waves that passed a certain point at certain time
The effects in which the Earth's rotation direct the winds and currents
The distance from the crest of a wave to the trough measured vertically
The tide that has the greatest difference between the high and low tides that occur when the Moon and Sun are lined up perfectly with Earth, during the Full Moon and New Moon
The movement of power through a body of water
A huge wave that is usually caused by an earthquake below the sea floor
The consistent, daily fall and rise of the Earth's waters on the coast lines of all countries
The climate event that occurs every two to seven years in the Pacific Ocean,in which the winds push and shift the warm waters towards South America's coast