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Communications and Documentation

An example of a subject that is required to report.
A radio system that is push to talk, release to listen.
Physicians that give direction to EMS.
An electronic device that receives a weak radio signal and retransmits it at a higher power.
Contains a transmitter and a receiver in a fixed place.
A communication tool that sums up the patient's complaint to confirm your understanding.
Someone that screens and assigns priority to each emergency call according to protocols.
A radio system that uses 2 or more frequencies that enables more than 1 transmission to occur at the same time.
Allows electronic signals to be converted into coded signals that transmit to another receiver.
Radio system that is simultaneous talk-listen.
Being sensitive to the patient's feelings and thoughts.
A government entity that regulates all radio operations in the U.S.
Considering your own cultural values more important than those of others.
A communication tool that encourages the patient to talk more or provide more information.
Abbreviation for pre-hospital care report.