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soil, rocks, and landforms!

Hot semifluid rock below or within the earths crust
Dead or decaying plant material
A material like clay
Rubbing rocks together
Rocks and soil falling down a slope
A word that describes a winding river
When sediment settles
The formation between 2 mountains
Rocks that were formed from heated magma
The thin layer of soil that covers the ground
A fan shaped deposit at the mouth of a river or stream
A very hard crystal rock
Hills of sand formed by wind
Living things that feed on decaying matter (exp: mushroom)
Hot liquid rock that erupts from a volcano
A rock that changes over time
The January birthstone
When wind, ice, or water carries away earth material
Tall peak land formations
When water rushes over land at a fast rate
Sandstone is a type of ____ rock
A mountain formed by magma
A hard rock that is used to make a lot of buildings (Mount Rushmore is made out of this rock)
The December birthstone
Finely ground up rocks and shells