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Civil war

The states that seceded from the union.
A derogatory term for Southerners who were working with the North to buy up land from desperate Southerners
Last name of the person who surrendered at the end of the war.
A general and progressive increase in prices.
A derogatory term applied to Northerners who migrated south during the Reconstruction to take advantage of opportunities to advance their own fortunes by buying up land from desperate Southerners and by manipulating new black voters to obtain lucrative government contracts.
Loyalty to a section or region
To withdraw or leave from union
An ocean blockade developed by general Winfield Scott
name of the General for the south
A military draft
Wanted to end slavery
One of the causes of the war
Free states were in the _____
Slave states were in the _____
Northern Democrats who opposed the Civil War and sympathized with the South