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Biology 160 Week 2

Vocab for Exam 1
Not capable of manufacturing their own food, must rely on external sources
Complex and elaborate chains of amino acids
Long chains of smaller molecules
Single celled with no membranes
Abnormally shaped protein that can infect healthy tissue, ex. "Mad Cow" disease
Synthesize their own food from inorganic materials
Cells that contain memebrane enclosed nuclei and organelles
Macromolecules that are the main source of energy for living things
Large compounds that do not dissolve in water
Making food from inorganic chemicals
An organisms response to environmental stimuli
The scientific study of animal life
The study of interactions of organisms with their environment
Adding hydrogen to unsaturated fats to create trans fats
The macromolecule that makes up DNA and RNA (two words)
Making food from inorganic materials and light
The chemical reactions that build and maintain living things
Self-replicating molecules that are the precursor to cells
The study if all living things
Carbon containing compound