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Seed and Seedless Plants

Fern spores are produced here
Vascular plant, have hollow, ribbed stems, and are found in marshes
Transfer of pollen grant the female part of the plant
Growth of a plant from a seed
This type of plant does not have tissue that can conduct water
Vascular plant, branching stems with no leaves
Underground stem
Heart-shaped gametophyte plant
A plat that reproduces using spores
Structure where spores are produced
Small flowerless green plant
This plant can absorb large amounts of water
Has a water- resistant covering, contains male gametophyte
Male reproductive organ
Female reproductive system
After spores are produced this stage begins
The joining of haploid sex cells begins this stage
Fern leaves
They come in a variety of shapes,and have a water proof covering
Type of plant thats tissue conducts water