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An example of a capital resource
Things people make or buy
A contest between businesses to sell their products
The type of economy in which gov't leaders answer the three economic questions
The father of modern economics
The amount of goods/services workers can produce in a given time
Things of worth: money, machines, tools...
Something required for life
A person or entity that works on only one item or one part of an item
Work, or the people who do work
The study of how people and countries make decisions about how to use their limited resources in the most efficient way
Giving up one thing for another
A type of economy with private ownership of businesses
Work done for other people for a fee
The money left over after all the costs of production have been paid
An example of a natural resource
Deciding and selecting what is most wanted
A problem in which wants are greater than what is available
The type of economy passed down from one group to another
A person who takes risks and starts a new business
An economy in which there is a blend of economic systems
The type of economy in which the gov't owns the country's major industries
The use of science to create new and better products
Something not needed for survival but desirable
A country with a command economy
A place where people meet to buy and sell
A person who runs a business
Anything that people use to make things or to do work
The type of economy based on the writings of Karl Marx; the gov't owns all property.
Something that makes a person take action