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Spelling week 1.29 Latin/Greek Roots standard

An object made by a human being, typically one of cultural or historical interest.
Show approval or praise by clapping
A metric unit of length, equal to one hundredth of a meter. Abbreviation cm.
an instrument for measuring temperature,
A circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result.
Relating to the sense of hearing
equal to 100 centimeters
An interview for a role or job as a singer, actor, dancer, or musician, consisting of a practical demonstration of the candidate's suitability and skill.
Able to be heard
relating to, or caused by heat or temperature
A metric unit of length, equal to one tenth of a meter
Make (something) on a large scale using machinery
the border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure
The assembled spectators or listeners at a public event such as a play, film, concert, or meeting.
a vacuum bottle or similar container lined with an insulating material to keep liquids hot or cold
a device that functions to establish and maintain a desired temperature automatically
Concerned with what is actually the case
A building or group of buildings where goods are manufactured or assembled chiefly by machine.
Sound, especially when recorded, transmitted, or reproduced