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Parts of the Sentence

The puzzle includes words and concepts from both Level One: Parts of Speech and Level Two: Parts of the Sentence.
Word that modifies and adjective.
Pronoun that can be both an object and a subject
Example: town is, towns are
Linking Verb Predicate
Subject ___ is linked to the subject by a linking verb
Strawberries? She loves _____.
"Sally hoists the sail" is an example of present _____.
Every sentences has this many sides.
Just the verb is called the ___ predicate.
How many kinds of words are there?
We used to call them "clause starters" but now we call them ____ conjunctions.
A complete thought
Literally: something thrown between
Object that receives the action
Noun or pronoun that the sentence is about.
Verb of the sentence.
Object that is located between the action verb and the direct object
Action Verb Predicate
First person possessive pronoun
Every sentence has one.
"across" the street
Verb that shows what something IS.
The noun that goes before the pronoun. Hint: don't forget those Latin fragments!