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Civil War Crossword!

The Union wanted to drive the Confederates from the Monongahela Valley, so the Restored Government of Virginia could operate safely.
The Confederates tried to take control of the railroads led by Stonewall Jackson.
The Confederates were capable of lauching a surprise attack, so the Union went to intercept their force. They Confederates expected this, and went to White Sulphur Spring, and burnt the only brisge to it.
The Confederates attacked the Union during breakfast, and this battle got its name for the only things the Union were holding at this time.
In this battle, the Union wanted to protect the B. & O. Railroad from the Confederates, but when they arrived, the Confederates retreated in a bloodless battle.
In this convention held in Wheeling, they had 4 goals, they wanted to make a new state, also find out what they were going to call this state, their position on slavery, and their government.
This Confederate went around raiding the Union in Kanawha, and got over 5,000 stands of arms.
These 2 went around raiding in a final effort to prevent WV forming, but in the end they failed.
This Confederate general was treated too horrific weather conditions on his visit to Virginia.
The Union were trying to drive the Confederates out of Carnifax Ferry, and in the night the Confederates retreated.