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Basketball Crossword

Bouncing a basketball repeatedly is called
Acronym used to teach shooting in basketball
This must be bent at a 90 degree angle when shooting
Part of your hand you use to dribble with
You dribble the basketball at this height
Common pass in basketball where ball is propelled from chest
You shoot a basketball into a basketball
A game played with two hoops and an orange ball
You receive one of these is you do something wrong in a basketball game
A way to move the ball up the court without dribbling it
While shooting your feet need to be shoulder width apart keeping you from being off ________
A shot you take after being fouled in a basketball game
When shooting you must keep these on your target
Finishing ones motion after the ball is shot
Can be called when you need a break in a game
This is a type of shot you perform while jumping
Type of pass where ball bounces on the ground
These should be slightly bent while dribbling a basketball
A short distance shot usually performed while moving
A player receives this if they pass to a teammate and that teammate scores