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Type of skeleton that has hard external parts that muscles attach to and move
Protective cage around the heart and lungs
Type of skeleton that is a fluid-filled chamber or chambers that muscles act on, redistributing the fluid
Skeleton that consists of the pectoral girdle, pelvic girdle, and limbs
Girdle that protects internal organs and supports the weight of the upper body when you stand upright
Threadlike, cross-banded skeletal muscle components made up of sarcomeres
Disks that separate between two vertebrae
Type of bone with many internal spaces
Type of skeleton that had hard internal parts that muscles attach to and move
Skeleton that consists of bones of the head, ribcage, and vertebral column
Disorder in which bone loss greatly outpaces bone formation
Contractile unit of skeleton and cardiac muscle
Region where bones come together
Type of dense bone with concentric layers of matrix
Cord of dense connective tissue that holds bones in place at a synovial joint
Muscle fiber that is cylindrical, multinucleated
Joint where cartilage holds bones together and provides cushioning, as between vertebrae
Globular protein that makes up thin filaments in muscle fibers
Joint where dense connective tissue holds bones firmly in place
Type of marrow that makes blood cells
Motor protein that makes up thick filaments in muscle fibers
A fiber that produces ATP primarily by lactate fermentation
Type of marrow that is mostly adipose; fills cavity in most long bones
Strap of dense connective tissue that connects a skeletal muscle to bone
Ring of muscle that controls passage of material through a tubular organ or at body opening
A fiber that contains the oxygen-storing protein myoglobin and produces ATP primarily by aerobic respiration
Movable joint at which ligaments connect bones