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Ancient Traditions from Hebrew Scriptures

Teacher:  Noreen Jacks
Topic: Customs and Manners
Teaching:  Ancient Traditions
Sacred text enclosed in a small case
A word often inscribed on the outside of the mezuzah case
Special ink used by the Masoretes did not ____.
The scrolls inside tefillin are made of ________.
He is the subject of the last three verses of Deuteronomy.
Jewish scholars working from Tiberias and Babylon
He prepares a mezuzah scroll
A sacred name for God
The Septuagint was composed here
Small boxes containing scrolls inscribed with verses from the Torah
Purim is based on the story of _____.
Esther's uncle
The mezuzah is placed here
Haman descended from them
An annual Jewish festival that celebrates a Jewish victory
A Greek translation of the Hebrew Scriptures
Enemy of the Jews in the story of Purim
Ritual bath