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Science Vocab #3

Energy of Heat
How easily the surface of a mineral can be scratched. Rated 1-10 on the mohs scale.
A force that requires two pieces of matter to touch
The group that does not have the Independent variable applied to it
A group of stars forming a recognizable pattern that is traditionally named after its apparent form or a mythological figure.
The result of attractive and repulsive forces between two objects.
A celestial object that is composed of mostly ice and dust
The rate at which the speed or direction of motion of an object changes over time.
The breaking down of food or other organic material (an example of a chemical change)
A small rocky object which revolves around the sun. Usually found between Mars and Jupiter
When conducting a scientific investigation you must develop a question that is _________.
Characteristics used to identify minerals
The moon reflects light from the ______
Data that is based on numerical data/measurements
The form of energy related to traveling vibrations through the air
The color of the powder a mineral leaves behind on a special plate.
Spinning on an axis
Natural, nonliving solid crystals that make up rocks
Minerals that break along smooth flat surfaces have.....
How light reflects off the surface of a mineral (ex: metallic or glassy)