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Volleyball Crossword 1

The type of pass that is used when the ball is below the shoulders
Direction in which a team rotates
The part of the arm that contacts the ball during the bump pass
The stance that is used in order to move quickly in any direction
The amount of touches allowed on each side of the net
When the foot comes over the line during a serve
The shape that needs to be made with the hands when setting the ball
Number of players on the court per team
Number of points in a game
Designated defensive specialist that wears a different jersey
A ball landing on the line is considered ____.
A downward hit that is not returned by the opponent
Defensive move with palm of hand on the floor
Defensive move used by one, two or three players to keep a spike from going over the net.
The part of the hand that connects with the ball during an overhead serve
Type of serve in which both feet leave the floor
Changing of players on the court
The action that starts every match
The part of your hand that is used when setting the ball
A serve that is not even touched by the opponent
The server must wait for the official to ____ before serving.
What is needed in order for the team to be successful in all aspects of the game
The amount of points that a team needs to win by.
The type of pass that is used when the ball is overhead or when passing to a hitter