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Shakespeare's World & lit terms

The form of poetry that most resembles natural speech
technique that allows a character to be seen by the audience while remaining hidden from fellow actors
Literary art form that recreates life and emotions
Audiences depended on this whole watching plays
Techniques that substitute for reality
A character whose personality and attitude contrast sharply with those of another character
Drama that gives the audience an experience of catharsis- or cleansing
Home of the acting company Lord Chamberlain's Men
Queen Elizabeth's father
A single speech given by a character alone on stage
Word play
William Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest!!
a pattern in literature that is found in a variety of works from different cultures throughout the ages.
Literally means rebirth
A character's remark either to the audience or to another character that others on stage do not hear
The creation of believable fictitious personalities.
A humorous scene or speech intended to lighten the mood
Boasted more theaters than any other European capital
A reference within a work to something the audience is expected to know
One who is often of high rank or status showing strength but with a flaw or weakness