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Texas Revolution Crossword Puzzle

Thao Huynh
Last battle of Texas Revolution
Co-commander of the Alamo
The first major campaign of the Texas Revolution
Public-Secret Treaty
Commander of the Mexican forces in TX
A gift given to Sam Houston and Texans by the people of Cincinnati, Ohio to be used against the Mexican forces
President/Commander/Dictator of Mexico known as "Napolean of the West"
The survivor of the Alamo who was sent to tell of the defeat of the Alamo
Texans abandoned their homes and move east to avoid Santa Anna and his army
First vice president of Texas
A mission in San Antonio, TX that was used as a fort during Texas Revolution
19th century US Military in the TX Army and leader during Texas Revolution
Commander of the Mexican forces at Goliad that defeat James Fannin
Commander of the "Army of the People" 300 people
First president of Texas
The author of the Texas Declaration of Independence
______ wrote the the famous "Victory or Death" Letter
The Battle Cry that led the Texans to victory at the Battle of San Jacinto
Commander of TX Army
First battle of Texas Revolution