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Grade 5 Crossword 2/1/18

To get the better of.
The highest part; the top.
One who looks at things in the most positive way.
A deep, narrow opening in rock caused by a split or crack.
A great mass of ice, earth, or snow mixed with rocks sliding down a mountain. A great amount of something.
Unwisely bold or daring.
To block or defeat the plans or efforts of.
The act of defeating.
The path that must be followed to get to a place.
To lie and enjoy a warm place.
To tempt or attract with the promise of something good.
Shy or bashful.
Having to do with the countryside.
A temporary and usually less strong replacement.
A heavy snowstorm with strong winds.
To invite others to take part in a contest. To cause a person to use a lot of skill or effort.
Running straight and down.
Short and to the point.