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Statehood, WWI-2018

What Oklahoma oil field provided about 50% of oil used to the Allies in WWI?
The main trigger for WWOne was an:
Oil Capital of the World
Presided over the State of Sequoyah convention
Signed the Enabling Act
The Nellie Johnstone #1 was in:
Crusader for rights of prisoners
The first major oil field
Laws that limited the rights of blacks
Pipeline Capital of the World
Oil field worker who was the lowest man on the totem pole.
Branch of government that has the most power
President that proclaimed Oklahoma a state
King of the Wildcatters
First governor of Oklahoma
This woman was arrested 30 times for anti liqour campaigns.
Man who announced statehood in Guthrie
Many people think the main cause for WWOne was:
Developed the Good Roads Association
What type of flu killed millions in 1918?
First oil well in Oklahoma was in what town.
What caused Oklahoma to not get $700,000 for roads?