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Healthy Eating Grade 6

Teacher: Mme Li
How can I influence others on healthy eating? Be a _____
Healthy food and physical activity are both necessary to build stronger _______.
Healthy eating and active living maintains a healthy ________.
Healthy eating and active living = _______
Full =
When I play a lot of sports, I need to _____ a lot more.
Food ____ can limits you choice of food.
Medical, emotional, practical and social _________ can influence eating habits.
Healthy eating gives a greater resistance to _____
Wen you're on the road, the ____ lifestyle could impact the way you eat.
If I eat too much, I feel very ______.
If your family is from another country, the ____ is influencing your eating habits.
Healthy eating gives you ________ to be energetic and active.
When I'm active, I need to eat more because I burn more ____.
The ______ is a big impact on our food choice.
When I'm really ____, I tend to eat really quickly.
Hungry =
Your circle of ____ could influence your choices of food.
Healthy eating and being active gives you more ____.