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Personal safety and injury prevention Grade 6

Teacher: Mme Li
To manage my anger, I will _____ away.
When you're taking care of little ones, you should be certified in _____.
If I'm very angry, I can take ____ ____ to cool down.
When we talk to someone about a problem, we're _____.
Doing a ______ activity could help me if I'm frustrated.
When I'm taking care of a little child, I have to keep him ____.
When someone has something to say, we should ______.
If we both want the same thing but can't have it at the same time, we can ______.
When someone is saying bad things to me, I will tell him/her to stop. I'm being ______.
When I'm home alone, I have to make sure the _____ is locked.
I have to make sure the child I'm taking care of, is _____.
You should always to what is best for your _____.