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Recruitment Vocabulary

The act of replacing one member of a rotation group with another member of the same group to talk to the PNM
A sister or daughter of a Chi Omega in good standing
The number of women each fraternity may pledge during formal recruitment
Active chapter members who are not members of rotation groups
Issuance and acceptance of bids to pledge at a time other than formal recruitment
A designated recruitment period during which a series of organized activities are held by each sorority and governed by Panhellenic
A process through which Panhellenic and sororities match the preferences of a PNM and sororities
A recruitment tool that contains basic information about a PNM
Any woman interested in becoming a sorority member who is eligible to participate in recruitment
The maximum number of women allowed in a chapter
A form on which an active member records numbers beside the name of a PNM to indicate her vote
A system of organizing active members into groups to move PNM through an event
A collection of five qualities the active chapter members identify as important