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Mr. Harris
City that is called the Cradle of the Renaissance
Luther criticized the selling of these
Human potential and achievement
Paint favored by Southern Renaissance painters
Supporter of the arts
He sculpted David and painted the Sistine Chapel
Botticelli most famous painting
Not religious; concerned with the here and now
Painted the Mona Lisa
Geometric shape often associated with Renaissance art
It means the local language
Technique for creating a 3-D appearance on a painting
Medici family became the most powerful in this industry
Gold coin from Florence
A smoky quality that DaVinci used in his backgrounds
Southern paintings on wet plaster are called these
Holbein's painting of two men with a distorted skull in the foreground
Gutenberg invention that made it easier to spread ideas
Paint favored by Northern Renaissance painters
Henry VIII's Protestant daughter
Artists that used woodcuts
Martin Luther translated the Bible into this language