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YDC Lesson 1 Bible Facts

Teacher: Pastor Teresa
Was Jesus born in the old testament or the new?
The second book of the bible.
How many books in the old testament?
Our God, who is the God of heaven is_____.
Gods chastening or correction
How many books in the new testament?
Every person who does not accept Jesus in their heart will go here.
The bible is our ____________- book for living.
The bible has how many books?
God __________ men to write the bible
We need him in our hearts to live righteous.
Every person that accepts Jesus in their hearts will go here.
For whom the Lord loveth he____________.
A collection of beliefs and knowledge, for teaching and instruction.
The fifth book of the bible.
The third book of the bible
The fourth book of the bible.
The first book in the bible
Is the bible all true?
Will try to lead you away from what is right.