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mass media

The media has changed the way that politicians campaign. They don't have to rely on political parties since they can go straight to the __________.
Policy ___________ are people who invest their political capital in an issue
Groups of newspapers published by media conglomerates and today accounting for over 45 of the nation's daily circulation
The media isn't all bad. It often can act as a _________, keeping politicians in check by scrutinizing their activities and holding them accountable
The American media is totally dependent on __________ and subsequently is victim to what big companies want
The policy ________ is the issues that attract the serous attention of public officials
Narrowcasting has emerged with _______ tv - there is something for everyone but everyone doesn't see everything
The use of indepth reporting to unearth scandals, scams, and schemes,at times putting reporters in adversarial relationships with political leaders.
Many argue that the media has a _______ bias
Meeting of public officials with reporters
This is the ultimate example of investigative journalism
The famous news anchor, Walter _______ came out against the Vietnam War in the late 1960s and changed the minds of millions as a result.
This type of media consists of newspapers and magazines
Blogs and internet sources provide information that is not ________ and therefore could be false.
Trivia: who was the first president to create a special space for the press inside the White House?
Short video clips of approximately 10 seconds
Media programming on cable TV or the internet that is focused on a particular interest and aimed at a particular audience
The process through which people consciously choose to get the news from information sources that have viewpoints compatible with their own
FDR's innovative way to communicate with the people and take advantage of the media
This type of media consists of television, radio, and the internet
Events that are purposely staged for the media and that are significant just because the media are there
One story does not necessarily change our minds on a topic. It is more the ___________ effect of repetative news stories that changes our minds
Since each story is only about 30 second long, the news tends to be ____________ rather than in depth
Entertainment has increasingly pushed out ___________ in the TV news business
Intentional news leaks for the purpose of assessing the political reaction
Television, radio, newspapers, magazines, the internet, and other means of popular communication
Specific locations from which news frequently emanates,such as Congress or the White House
This was the first war that was televised on a daily basis and this changed people's attitudes about the war
Initials of the government agency which regulates the media since 1934
Because the media can give a certain spin on the issue, calling ones attention to certain aspects of the story, it has the ability to _________ the issue.