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4th Grade Spring Art Facts

Name_____________________Class code_______
___________ is the act of capturing a picture on film with a camera.
A _________ is the material or technique used to create an artwork.
___________ is the term for the main subject, or topic, of an artwork.
A __________ is a picture with LAND as the subject matter.
The remaining empty space in an artwork is called ________ SPACE.
What was the first artwork man ever made.
A __________ is a picture with a person as the subject matter.
Artwork that shows mostly water is called a ___________.
What is the most famous artwork in history?
__________ is freestanding 3D art.
A __________ is a picture showing parts of a city
A __________ is a picture with non-living OBJECTS as the subject matter.
The objects that take up space in a picture are called _______Space.